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Sara Berts<sup>IT</sup>
Sara Berts

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Italian composer and sound artist Sara Berts' work feels like an inquisitive research about the sonic quality of a possible parallel world. Describing her own music as a "place of active exchange between two bandwidths of reality", it's easy to experience her compositions in this way. Using various synthesizers (such as the famous, mesmerizing Buchla synthesizer) and processed field recordings, Berts sculpts natural sounds and textures to create moments that feel slightly off, strange, like a subtle, enveloping soundtrack for imagining life differently. She graduated in Sound Engineering at SAE Institute in Milan, and has collaborated with Scuola Holden as a sound designer. She has worked with several artistic organizations and festivals, including Club2Club Festival, Primavera Sound and Elementi.


Sara Berts is a composer and sound artist based in Turin, Italy.


Muzan Editions, Gang of Ducks


Braiding Fragments (Muzan Editions, 2022)

Ayni (Gang of Ducks, 2021)


She has been studying traditional Asháninka medicine at Mayantuyacu since 2017.