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Tactical Tech is a Berlin based international non-profit organisation founded in 2003 and known for its public education work at the intersection of technology, politics and society. Using an arts, multimedia, and design-based approach, Tactical enables public audiences to critically reflect on the impact of technology on society and the general optimism that sometimes surrounds that relationship. The organization’s work not only reaches an audience of individuals seeking public education around online privacy and autonomy in a data-driven world, but also interacts with civil society actors, such as journalist, other NGOs and human rights defenders, who Tactical Tech work with to create safer, more robust, and more informed practices with regard to the use of digital technologies. Tactical’s techniques are informed by cross-disciplinary expertise at the intersection of political engagement and technology.


Tactical Tech, sometimes simply referred to as “Tactical,” is a Berlin-based international non-profit organization that employs art, multimedia and design at the intersection of technology, politics and society.


Tactical Tech has published Technology is Stupid, a guide that provides readers with user-friendly, functional, safe alternatives to the most commonly used tools.