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Salamanda is a Seoul-based leftfield ambient music producer and DJ duo composed of Uman Therma (Sala) and Yetsuby (Manda). Collaborating since 2019, they string together enchanting compositions tinged with contemplative and polyrhythmic melodies that are evocative of moments from childhood laced with serenity and rest. Together, the duo seeks to unearth the unsuspected qualities and inherent beauty of the sounds that comprise their environment, which they integrate into their musical explorations. Essential to Salamanda’s approach, storytelling and sharing permeate the duo’s work as a tool to immerse the audience into their universe.
Their productions span across a broad spectrum of musical genres, as do their own releases, including debut albums on Good Morning Tapes (FR) and Small Méasures (UK). Various contributions to radio stations allow the duo to reach a wider and more diverse community, including programs such as Seoul Community Radio, NTS Radio and LYL Radio. They also collaborate on numerous projects, participating in fashion films, animations and exhibitions.


Salamanda, a Seoul-based DJ and producer duo, probes the evocative power of music to create parallel and imaginary soundscapes through a meditative approach.


Human Pitch, Good Morning Tapes, Small Méasures


ashbalkum remixes (Human Pitch, 2022)

ashbalkum (Human Pitch, 2022)

Allez (Good Morning Tapes, 2021)


Derived from a Korean idiom, the title of Salamanda’s new album, ashbalkum, refers to the metaphysical idea according to which reality is nothing but a dream.