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Michele Mercure<sup>US</sup>
Michele Mercure

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Michele Mercure’s sound is a porous electronic art that overlaps ambient, abstract, and industrial sensibilities – its spaciousness reveals an artist attuned cinematically rather than for radio play or public performance.

Mercure was a busy collaborator making music for theater, performance, film, and TV animation, yet it was through her self-released cassettes that she established her music among like-minded artists abroad. She deeply explored the world of synths, sequencing and sampling in the early 80s issuing a series of cassetes in those years which included: Rogue and Mint (1983), A Cast of Shadows (1984), Dreams Without Dreamers (1985) and Dreamplay (1990).
Mercure’s album Eye Chant was the inaugural release of the Freedom To Spend imprint and the only record of hers to be pressed on vinyl. This yer the label announced the release of Beside Herself which collects Mercure’s self-produced and distributed cassettes released between 1983 and 1990, and draws the artists early experiments with sampling and synthesis, influenced experimental German musician Conrad Schnitzler.
Michele Mercure will perform in Europe for the first time in 30 years and we are thrilled that it will happen at MUTEK Barcelona´s 10th edition!



Beside Herself (Freedom To Spend / RVNG INTL 2018), Eye Chant (Freedom To Spend 2017)


The press release for ¨Beside Herself¨ notes that the self-released cassettes were "circulated through tape-trading networks assisted by insightful reviews in Eurock, a seminal music magazine covering progressive rock and electronic music scenes."