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Sabrina Ratté & Guillaume ArseneaultCA/QC/FR + CA/QC

Sabrina Ratté & Guillaume Arseneault<sup>CA/QC/FR + CA/QC</sup>
Sabrina Ratté & Guillaume Arseneault

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Sabrina Ratté is a Canadian artist alternating between Montréal and Marseille. Her artistic practice is centered on the numerous manifestations of digital imaging: analog video, 3D animation, photography, prints, virtual reality and installations. She constantly integrates new techniques in order to support her work’s underlying themes, namely the psychological influence of architecture and digital environments on our perceptions of the world and the relationships we form with our digital selves. She was nominated for the Sobey Award in 2019 and 2020, and her art has been showcased from Montréal to Tokyo, by way of Paris, New York and Shanghai.

Guillaume Arseneault manipulates pixels, bytes, photons and wavelengths in order to create innovative and interactive experiences. Fascinated by all things digital, electric and living, he combines various communication technologies in order to create interactive instruments where effort plays a major role. From immersive installations to architectural installations and with a focus on sound, light and technological design, his artistic practice is fueled by diversity.


Multidisciplinary artist Sabrina Ratté, alternating between Montréal and Marseille, alongside Montréal multidisciplinary artist Guillaume Arseneault.


Distributed Memories, an interactive installation born from the collaboration between Sabrina Ratté and Guillaume Arseneault, showcases the various perspectives gleaned by Ratté over a decade of formal studies.


Festival regulars may remember Sentinelle, a videoscenographic installation presented by Guillaume Arseneault and Jimmy Lakatos at the 2017 edition of MUTEK Montréal.