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Originally from Turin, Andrea draws inspiration from his hometown in his compositions, echoing its post-industrial spirit. His eclectic taste in music, developed from a childhood passion for collecting vinyl records across genres like new wave, post-punk, reggae, and dub, informs his approach to production. His music is a sophisticated blend of IDM, '90s breakbeat, with forays into warehouse techno, house, bass, and dubstep, crafted through years of exploring.
A key player on the Ilian Tape label, Andrea’s work is marked by emotive melodies meshed with heavy kicks and atmospheric pads, creating layered tracks that resonate with Turin's gritty aesthetic. Behind the decks or in his live sets, he balances intense, experimental sounds with dancefloor dynamics, crafting experiences that reflect a deep engagement with techno's evolving landscape.
In recent years, his work, like the album Ritorno, showcases an adept fusion of breakbeat techno with elements of UK dance music, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary techno.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Andrea IT
Live | North American Premiere

Italian producer Andrea crafts a sound blending Ambient, Electronic, IDM, and '90s Breakbeat with forays into Bass and Dubstep. His performance features emotive melodies, abstract sounds, and complex layers of drums and atmospheric pads, oscillating between experimental and dancefloor vibes to merge rhythm with ethereal ambiance.

Presented with the support of the Italian Institute of Culture in Montreal.

Andrea is an artist and music producer from Turin, Italy.


Ilian Tape


Andrea composed his latest project Due In Color during the pandemic, which created space for him to explore more jazzy and experimental sounds.