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A group from the fertile grounds of Vienna, Radian is an incredibly well oiled machine in concert. If their albums reflect their studio sound, then it's the sheer pleasure these three accomplished musicians derive from performing together that make this trio a must see live. From jazz, they've borrowed the swing; from folk, the seductiveness and the acoustic elements; from rock, the cadence and the vitality of the bass-employed in this instance with refreshing results; and from electronic music, they've sequestered urban samples from uninhabited locations as well as overcrowded areas (abandoned factories, high rise dwellings, metro stations...), all in the name of combining these components to create a powerful and intense sonic alliance. Make no mistake; new musical forms will be explored here, with none of their proposed structures being evident or straightforward. Surprises, rhythmic somersaults, changing perceptions, and flare-ups are all characteristics of this combined universe where acoustic and electronic elements coexist and mutually enhance one another. Those who may be prone to questioning the lack of theatrical qualities among artistic performances in the electronic domain will certainly re-evaluate their outlook after this event. This trio's showcase is intense, with a directive all its own and one that obliges the spectator-listener to do his or her part to complete the picture.


Thrill Jockey