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Drawn to lo-fi, apprehensive tempos, and gently billowing beat patterns, Montréaler Julien Racine describes his creative process as “soundtrack photography,” sampling bits and bites from his stash of vinyl for his one-man, atmospheric assembly, thereby juxtaposing analog sounds with digital processing. A member of the buzzed about Ottawa-Gatineau A/V collective Fau Mardi, which has mobilized a local community of like-minded, experimentation-prone electronic producers, DJs and VJs, Racine has also shared the Fau Mardi bill with MUTEK veteran Simon Labelle (Réservoir, MacGuffin).

Racine will deliver a performance that in many ways is a follow-up to Quelque Chose Tombe—an album where snippets of fractured tunes creak through perturbed post-digital soundscapes, blurred and fragmented along the way into haunting amorphous instrumentals. Artifact-tracks from the album will appear, but never in an obvious way, with the goal of placing the artist in the midst of both the familiar and that which is yet to be created. In this way, the goal will be to rethink performance by using moments, sounds or tracks from Racine's latest album, and then pairing them with sonic happenings that arose during his winter European tour.


Montréal producer Julien Racine, known mononymously as Racine, has several sample-driven releases to his name and is a member of much vaunted Ottawa-Gatineau collective Fau Mardi


Danse Noire


Quelque Chose Tombe (2020), Cavité (2017)


Racine's latest release, Quelque Chose Tombe, features both samples of birdsong and what he describes as "raven-like pitch-bent notes."