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Powder, whose real name is Momoko Goto, has quietly become one of the most sought-after djs on the global circuit. Driven by a curious nature and an unwavering love for the dancefloor, the Japanese-born deep house innovator is taking her passionate eclecticism beyond the cities of her native country to enrich the global scene. In 2019, Powder launched her label Thinner Groove (TG) to maintain safe space for her music production.

Since then, the Japanese artist has been taking her time to introduce her unique music to her loyal audience, always drawing inspiration from the community of artist friends she holds dear. What she particularly likes is the appreciation of the audience during her dj sets. She sometimes even copies the movements of the crowd when she plays, creating a shamanic experience where she feels like she is on the dance floor too. Since her debut, whether it's a big festival or a small concert, the path Powder takes seems to be chosen by her personal intuition that she always shares so generously with her audience.


Powder, aka Moko Shibata, is a Japanese DJ and producer known for her intensely detailed tracks, mixing rich melodies and dance floor beats.


Beats in Space Records. ESP Institute. The Trilogy Tapes. Cocktail D'Amore. Born Free Records. Thinner Groove.


Powder In Space ‎(Beats in Space Records, 2019)


Powder moved from her hometown of Nagasaki, Japan to Tokyo in 2011. This is where Powder's story, as the international dance music community knows it. With the change in location came a change in lifestyle, where the balance between 9-to-5 office life and sacred, late-night recording sessions invited the DJ to reflect on music's unique ability to stop time.