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Miraj is a dub techno and acid house duo located in Denendeh (Yellowknife, NT) formed by Harrison Roberts (DJ Flora) & Sami Blanco (Temple Volant/Sunaïra). Using a hybrid of DJ mixers and live analog, digital and polyphonic FM hardware-based synthesizers and mixers to create atmospheric tranced-out dreamscapes & polyrhythmic house, ambient, downtempo and techno music. The music is inspired by the infinite beauty of northern landscapes, extreme climates of the Sub-Arctic and total darkness to the midnight sun and long summer nights of the Northwest Territories, Miraj paints lushed out, open worlds with celestial FM synthesis & organic wavetables as colour pallets to dive into cosmic portals of shapeshifting environments.

For the MUTEK Stream On project, they will be sharing with you their performance from the MUTEK Edition 19 Experience stage. The performance is a collection of sounds improvised in the moment using loopers, sequencers and live jazz techniques that fuse cyberpunk futures and summer dance vibes at MUTEK Montreal with kaleidoscopic airy pads dubbed in acid chill out healing ambient techno-magical excursions.