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Piers Whyte vs Scant IntoneCA

Piers Whyte vs Scant Intone<sup>CA</sup>
Piers Whyte vs Scant Intone

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Montreal harbors an unsung colony of experimental and “noise” composers who, within the shadows of the city, work to improve awareness for extreme music. The city is also an unexpected refuge for Canadian artists who can find discernible markets that recognize their specific tastes. “Noise” is a vast and often redundant musical stream; offering interesting, extraordinary works is not an easy thing to do here. It is for this reason that Piers Whyte, originally from the west coast, and Constantine Katsiris (Scant Intone) from Saskatoon put so much effort into their craft.If their music appears similar to the works of Jazzkammer, Kevin Drumm, Pita or the offerings from Martin Tétreault in collaboration with Otomo Yoshihide, their styles still establish their own unique presence, propelling the individual research by the two artists. Their approach with sound materials is comparable: they enjoy capturing live sounds, digital errors, digital synthesis, and above all mixing all these sources up.Constantine heads the interesting Internet label Panospria, so you can bet several representatives will be participating in these two avant-garde music programs.