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Pantha du Prince<sup>DE</sup>
Pantha du Prince

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Pantha du Prince is back with a new album: "Garden Gaia" is dedicated to the "Man as Nature“-topic in a musically revolutionary as well as philosophically holistic way. Everything flows, everything sounds and shines like contemplative sunbeams in a rushing ocean. His music is about mindfulness, awareness and sensitive perception towards what is happening around us and within ourselves. Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince has poured these experiences into nine new tracks and expanded his musical palette of electroacoustic expression in a highly collaborative creative process. „Garden Gaia“ adds a new, forward-looking perspective to Pantha du Prince’s work, which began in 2004 with „Diamond Daze“, his first album and found his way with the critical acclaimed masterpiece „Black Noise“ and his first collaborative album „The Bell Laboratory“.