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Xuan YeCN/CA

Xuan Ye<sup>CN/CA</sup>
Xuan Ye

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Toronto-based artist and software programmer Xuan Ye fuels their mixed media installations and performances with poetry, synthesized language, code, sound, the human body, data, images, light and time. Their work couples more-than-human agents with the speculative sensorium realm. Artificial intelligence, internet culture, electric circuits and non-human organisms come into play in their body of work. X’s works speculate on systemic problems and distributed consciousness in various interconnected networks. The artist has been featured and exhibited internationally, including Fonderie Darling (CA), the Art Gallery of Ontario (CA) and the Goethe-Institut (Beijing and Montréal), among others. X is a recipient of SSHRC scholarship and a finalist of 2018 EQ Bank Digital Artists Award. As a musician, they have performed at numerous experimental music festivals and DIY shows, and have been commissioned by New Music Edmonton (2021) and Canadian Music Centre (2020). Their live performances and releases have also received critical accolades from Bandcamp, Musicworks and Exclaim!.


Chinese artist and engineer Xuan Ye, working with artificial intelligence and internet culture as a means to world-building.


Xuan Ye presented a talk titled Noise & Grains in Techno-sensorium at Centre Phi last April.


Apart from conceiving visual works, Ye is a musician that has played various shows, sharing the stage with YlangYlang, Egyptrixx, Pharmakon, Death Kneel, Alex Zhang Hungtai, N NAO and more.