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OUD (Pablo Verón & Aldo Benitez)AR

OUD (Pablo Verón & Aldo Benitez)<sup>AR</sup>
OUD (Pablo Verón & Aldo Benitez)

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OUD is a real-time electronics duo made up of artists Pablo Verón and Aldo Benítez. Frantic and brutal beats are mixed with vocal samples generated in the moment, as well as voices borrowed from contemporary global pop and transformed into calm and meditative pads. In a regimen of strict improvisation, but with structural margins meticulously agreed upon by the performers, a music that is as hybrid as it is genuine is produced, reminiscent of something that sounds like club music taken apart and rebuilt in each new session. The set is made up of an MPC that works mainly with microsampling and finger drumming and that is facing another station made up of an Elektron Octatrack in a certain fluid relationship with two other Kaoss Pads that generate rhythmic textures. They make instantaneous compositions that are as tense and muscular as they are self-absorbed and pensive, oscillating.

Pablo Verón is an Argentine composer, producer and drummer. His search focuses on the possibilities offered by electronics through sampling and synthesis. His first album, Nieves (2005, Natural Media), was received with great repercussions in the environment of experimental electronic music. On his second album, Pororoca, released in 2016 by the Fungi label, Verón uses the exploration of sampling his own material to delve into textures and a completely new discourse, generating a loop of temporary identity. The next work released by the TRRUENO label, Live @ Ruido (2018, Trrueno), is a live set performed in the Ruido Experimental Music Cycle opening the show for Xiu Xiu in October 2017. Since 2012 he has been part of the quartet of improvisation and experimental composition Calato. The penultimate work published by the Abyss label under the pseudonym: POV, is a compilation of unpublished works from the last 6 years.

Aldo Benitez is a singer-songwriter and sound designer based in Buenos Aires. He combines sonic innovation with pop sensibilities. His work as a soloist is nuanced with collaborations for stage and audiovisual proposals. He performed sampler and voice for the porteña staging of “Perfect Lives”, an opera by Robert Ashley, at the Teatro Colón Experimentation Center in Buenos Aires; or the composition and execution in ambisonics (360º audio) for the immersive audiovisual signed together with the visual artist Silvia Rivas: "Force diagonal - instances", premiered in December 2019 at the Domo Lleno festival in Bogotá, Colombia. Between December 2020 and January 2021, he collaborated as a consultant at ambisonics in the audiovisual installation project "El passage", signed by Lucrecia Martel. He is currently working on his first experimental opera, together with the singer-songwriter Andrés Ruiz and the visual artist Bruno Gruppalli, under the title "Para techos" which will be premiered in October at the New Ópera Buenos Aires Festival 2022.