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Nosaj Thing & Jacques GreeneUS+CA/QC

Nosaj Thing & Jacques Greene<sup>US+CA/QC</sup>
Nosaj Thing & Jacques Greene

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Los Angeles-native Jason Chung, known artistically as Nosaj Thing, has been actively releasing music and performing for over 15 years. Emerging from the vibrant DIY culture of DTLA’s punk and experimental venue The Smell, Chung has developed a reputation for blending intricate soundscapes with emotive, crisp production. His collaborative efforts span genres and generations, working with icons like Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and Philip Glass. His commitment to innovation is evident in his latest releases and his own label, Timetable Records, emphasizing a dynamic approach to music and multimedia projects, followed by work on film scores, fashion shows and art installations.
Montréal's Jacques Greene has carved a niche in the electronic music scene with his dynamic and soulful house productions. Greene's music stands out for its emotive vocal samples and deep, rhythmic complexity, reflecting a unique blend of dubstep, garage, and R&B influences. His acclaimed EPs on LuckyMe, such as On Your Side and Phantom Vibrate, have led to worldwide tours and Juno nominations. Post-2019, Greene released ANTH01, a retrospective collection showcasing his evolution and including hits like The Look, as well as an uplifting collaboration with British musician and producer Bonobo on the single Fold out on Ninja Tune.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Nosaj Thing & Jacques Greene US+CA/QC

Jacques Greene and Nosaj Thing debut their first ever live set after an extensive B2B DJ tour. Nosaj Thing's intricate soundscapes meet Jacques Greene's house and future RnB blend, creating an innovative performance that merges emotive, crisp production with genre-defining beats.

The artist duo is made up of Los Angeles-based DJ Nosaj Thing and Montréal-based DJ Jacques Greene.




Too Close ft Ouri (2023)