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Nico was born in a small coastal town in Galicia in the late 80's. In 2008 he discovers the electronic music farthest from the commercial trend and two years later he starts playing in clubs in the region, influencing himself of all the discjockeys in the area, which according to him, are what have defined his sound to a greater extent , far from citing mythical bands and artists.

In 2015 he moved to Barcelona, a city that he recognizes has opened his mind musically and personally.

He is currently one of the new residents of Nitsa Club and right hand of his great friend Guim Lebowski in CERCLE (the Sunday party born in Macarena Club and moved after 5 years to LAUT), which opened all doors in Barcelona and which fell in love with his artistic philosophy and essence.

Although he likes to play all kinds of styles within electronic music and he prefers not to be pigeonholed in any of them, if he had to define himself, he would describe himself as a disc jockey who tries to be as hypnotic as possible. With the philosophy of learning from all the music players but always measuring himself with his idols, his concept of success is to perceive that people who dance feel the same as he does while he is behind the plates.


Spanish DJ and promoter born in Galicia, Nico