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Nadia StruiwighNL

Nadia Struiwigh<sup>NL</sup>
Nadia Struiwigh

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Nadia Struiwigh's practice is deeply rooted in her daily life. Since 2009, the Dutch musician has, through daily recording sessions, built a corpus of songs that reflected her changing moods and inspirations. Her process tints her work with a sense of closeness and spontaneity, as you imagine the ebb and flow of her emotions and the various life events seeping through her improvisations like a poetic life distillate. Struiwigh has a passion for synthesizers and built a set-up using the likes of Korg, Moog and Skulpt synths for her musical journeys. Gravitating towards experimental ambient music, the music flirts with various electronic genres such as downtempo and techno. The result is a collection of captivating synthesized landscapes that seem to breathe and pulse, emanating from Struiwigh's inner world. She released albums on European labels such as Central Processing Unit, Denovali and Nous'klaer Audio. She has also developed an interest towards sound healing, which she is slowly incorporating in her practice.

Présentée avec le soutien de The Performing Arts Fund NL.

Nadia Struiwigh is an electronic producer and DJ from Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Nous'klaer Audio


Pax Aurora (Nous'klaer Audio, 2021)


Struiwigh is interested in science fiction and space, passions that are also present in her music.