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Matias Aguayo & Roccness are BrokeCL

Matias Aguayo & Roccness are Broke<sup>CL</sup>
Matias Aguayo & Roccness are Broke

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[CANADIAN DEBUT] A storyteller for the technological age, minimal house couldn't have found a more valuable messenger of sexual desire and haunted obsession than the Chilean-born singer/producer Matias Aguayo. His singing voice falls somewhere between a mumble and a snarl, the ideal delivery for his heated tales of perversion and longing. Aguayo first rose to notoriety in 1997 as one-half of Zimt, a short-lived duo with Michael Mayer. The pair delivered one single before Aguayo moved on to an extended collaboration with the producer Dirk Leyers in Closer Musik. In 2000, that group was among the first to fuse new-wave Kraut pop with the design of minimal techno. Classic singles like One, Two, Three (No Gravity) and You Don't Know Me cemented a sublime and austere sound that would predict future works by the Knife, Superpitcher, and many others. Closer Musik broke up after one album, 2002's After Love. These days, Aguayo operates as a solo artist with the production help of Roccness (Marcus Rossknecht of the group Meteorites). His solo debut, Are You Really Lost, appeared in 2005 to great critical acclaim. Aguayo and Rossknecht also collaborate together as Broke, the project they will present together at this year's festival.