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Mars89 & HEXPIXELS<sup>JP</sup>

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Mars89 is a musician whose uncompromising electronic compositions have cemented him as one of the most unique and exciting prospects within Tokyo’s underground club circuit, but his contribution to the city’s culture extends far beyond the dancefloor.

His discography to-date is a bricolage of styles, channeling the guttural, sub-bass-infused body music from UK dubstep’s heyday and the mutant rhythms of Bristol’s signature bass music scene — some of Mars89’s foundational musical influences — as well as the auteurs of cinema, from Kubrick to Lynch, and, specifically, their unparalleled flair for all things eerie, abject and uncanny. In his arsenal, he possesses tracks that can immediately ignite the latent energy of a heaving club crowd, as well as ambient compositions that transport listeners into unsettling alien landscapes evocative of sci-fi dystopias and biotechnological collapse. It’s his ability to weave seamlessly between the two that sets him apart as an artist who ultimately uses his sensibilities to design entire worlds, and this is also reflected in his boundary-pushing VR explorations with label Bokeh Versions and collaborations with designers like Patrick Savile.

HEXPIXELS is a VJ duo by Satoru Higa, a visual artist and programmer based in Tokyo, and Kezzardrix, a video artist that has created live videos for various artists both domestically and abroad. The unique worldview in their work is a real time mixture of precisely synchronized images of both artists, which is done using an inexhaustible array of techniques and tools.