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Multinstrumentalist, composer, producer and singer based in Buenos Aires. With her debut album Nomada (2017), she managed to position herself on the Latin American scene, leading her to perform in important venues, such as MUTEK Montreal and Lollapalooza Chile.

Cinematic and colorful textures come to life through Kaleema's synthesis of folklore and the future. Combining her background in Afro-Colombian music with classical training and an affinity for an innovative blend of free jazz, hip-hop and R&B, the artist conveys a dynamic and nomadic eclecticism.

Looking at Kaleema's influences helps to map her musical approach: her adolescence was fueled by learning classical guitar and violin while she drank from and reinterpreted her icons, from D'Angelo to Bill Withers. Her enthusiastic father made sure that she was not only surrounded by an extensive collection of Brazilian records, but that she was also exposed to various German electronic innovators presented at the Goethe Institute in the city. After her studies at the SAE Institute in New York, Lewandowski began various collaborative processes, including with Lido Pimienta and Gregor Schewllenbach of Kompakt records, creating bridges between traditional sounds and rhythms nourished by the club experience. This synthesis unfolds its richness on her 2017 debut album, Nómada, which she toured in Europe and Latin America for. Argentine artist Uji, who also played at the festival, is among the creators involved in the remix album released in the wake of Nómada.

In 2020, she released Útera, her second studio album, on Wonderwheel Recordings. The album plays like a catalog of different styles, intertwining various instruments and rhythms. From dub to Andean flutes to classical string melodies. Compared to its predecessor, it offers a more hypnotic and introspective space of creative fire and electronic rhythms, evolving at times between downtempo and an electronic atmosphere.


Tropical Twista Records


Nómada (2017), Útera (2020)


Friend and collaborator with Colombian-Canadian Polaris Music Winner Lido Pimienta, appeared on a collaboration on 2017’s Nómada