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A prolific DJ since 2001, Marie-Hélène Brousseau turned to music production in 2015, namely by composing soundtracks and soundscapes for a number of contemporary dance and circus creation workshops (BASKULTOO, Les 7 Doigts). She also signed a portion of the musical score for Mue érable in 2018, a contemporary dance performance created and directed by renowned choreographer Charles-Alexis Desgagnés. Louvoyons, a name which underscores the many detours one takes to arrive somewhere, is Marie-Hélène Brousseau’s first solo musical project; it is part of a profound desire to bring together drama and levity, shadows and light, electronic sounds, inspiring samples, cinematic rhythms and melancholic atmospheres. She plans to release a first EP by the end of summer 2022.


Louvoyons is the solo project of Montréal-based DJ and composer Marie-Hélène Brousseau.


EP 1 (2022)


Marie-Hélène Brousseau co-founded the electro-experimental outfit Klardrøm (the Norwegian word for “lucid dream”) with singer Sienna Dahlen. The duo performed at events and festivals in Montréal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, as well as in Chápala, Mexico.