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Klauss & NovilunioES

Klauss & Novilunio<sup>ES</sup>
Klauss & Novilunio

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Klauss is a project founded in Argentina (1988), currently composed by Ernesto Romeo, Francisco Nicosia, Lucas Romeo and Pablo Gil. Supported by synthesizers, modular systems, sequencers and electronic drums, the band is characterized by the intensive use of analog and digital equipment, elaborating their sonic explorations in the studio-laboratory, La Siesta Del Fauno.

Novilunio is a visual artist based in Buenos Aires. Since 2013 she has participated uninterruptedly in different clubs, cultural centers, museums and theaters -in Argentina and Spain- on various proposals such as concerts, advertising events, plays, Dj/Vj sets, with a particular rootedness in the electronic scene. In this edition of MUTEK he will be performing with Klauss.