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Half of the Olde Gods duo, Barcelona-based DJ and producer JMII have released their latest projects on various record labels, including Mathematics Recordings, 100% Silk and Hivern Discs. Now a major member of the local electronic scene, JMII continues to challenge its own sound and expand its synth lines to create rhythms geared towards minimalism and dance music.

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Barcelona-based producer and musician Juan Miguel “Jami Bassols” Bassols Melero, also in duo Aster with Pedro Vian and Olde Gods with Guillamino


Hivern Discs , 100% Silk , MathematicsnRecordings, NVH, Minor Planets


Thrills (2017), Haru Matsuri EP (2016 avec Olde Gods)


Spent a few years in Berlin as a resident DJ with the subterranean Geradehaus collective