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Slim Media Player

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Stretching and teasing house sounds to the languid fringes of their rhythms, Sam Scott is one of the ambassadors of the west coast rooted Canadian Riviera sound—his take characterized by spacious grooves inhabited by organic, fuzzy funk. Pioneering a jazzy synthesis of house music with an acoustic sound that dips into psychedelica, Slim Media Player places unusual fixtures like softly tapped drums, squelching guitar, and soaring woodwinds at the heart of his persuasively inviting mosaics.

Leveraging his day job as a music supplier into an opportunity to reflect on his own musical production, Scott's work is informed by an intimate desire to translate and share personal experiences. A debut duo of tracks on the Vancouver-centric Rhythms of the Pacific compilation series turned heads nationwide, blending a sprawling peacefulness with an undercurrent of wiggling wa-wa funk. Scott’s versatility is further showcased on Quilchena Tracks, a small run cassette release for Vancouver’s Isla label that serves as a memorial to the now-torn up and paved over train tracks of Vancouver’s Arbutus Corridor. An unhurried ambient tribute to a space that seems formational to Scott’s life, it showcases the meditative side to Slim Media Player, although there are still plenty of moments where surging, groovy funk bubbles up. While West Coast dance music has been labelled ‘hazy’ more times than many producers may wish to count, Scott’s output hums with an eclectic clarity and purpose—weekly sessions on the Hangin' & Bangin' program at Vancouver's No Fun Radio and a contribution to the much-revered Libra Mix series are both testaments to his knowledge of how genres flow together.

For his live debut at MUTEK, Slim Media Player will pull from samplers, drum machines and synthesizers to embody a “jam out” aesthetic that seizes the feeling of the moment, finding a meeting place between contemplative instrumental tranquility and driving machine-made house melodies destined to bring the nods.


Pacific Rhythm, ISLA


Quicksand (2018)


You can catch Slim Media Player going b2b2b with both his siblings on an episode of his No Fun Radio program