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Jane FitzUK

Jane Fitz<sup>UK</sup>
Jane Fitz

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Jane Fitz is resident at London's Pickle Factory, legendary UK festival Freerotation and her own Night Moves, the party she co-runs with Jade Seatle. Her influences and selections range from UK acid tracks, deep, spacey house, psychedelic techno and trance or ambient textures.

A DJ for over 25 years, her diverse range of styles and chameleonic capabilities have seen her playing in the mountains of Japan, the beaches of Montenegro, warehouses in Birmingham or the basements of London as well as in the world’s most credible clubs, such as Concrete, Tresor, Closer or Panoramabar. Recent, unhurried productions have begun to surface under the Invisible Menders name (co-produced with Dom Ahtuam) on cult labels such as Porn Wax, Boe and Animals On Psychedelics.

Jane Fitz will perform at the Nocturne 2 program closing the Astin room.


London-based DJ and Producer, Jane Fitz