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Iris Saladino & Roger PibernatAR+ES

Iris Saladino & Roger Pibernat<sup>AR+ES</sup>
Iris Saladino & Roger Pibernat

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Iris Saladino is a sound-oriented creative coder based in Buenos Aires. Member of CLiC (Colectivo de Live Coders). She works live coding music (mainly, but not only) with TidalCycles and images with Hydra. She has performed at: UNSaM, UBA, Rolf Art Gallery, Museo Sívori, Museo Moderno, Centro Cultural San Martín, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Centro Cultural Ciencia, Planetario Buenos Aires, Planetario Bogotá, among others.
Roger Pibernat
is an illustrator and musician who constantly explores other artistic disciplines and fields of knowledge. He started working with SuperCollider around 2006. He has been part of the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra and co-founded the Wú collective with which he has developed electroacoustic instruments, audiovisual performances, software and interactive installations. He is currently an active member of the Barcelona live coding community.