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Idlefon + Amir B. AshIR

Idlefon + Amir B. Ash<sup>IR</sup>
Idlefon + Amir B. Ash

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Idlefon is Hesam Ohadi, a computer musician and sound artist based in Tehran, Iran. His music is mainly associated with the broad spectrum of IDM, Ambient, and Experimental styles. Idlefon tends to make music which is relevant and in harmony with the urban life in his hometown of Tehran. He is also one of the co-founders and runners of the experimental art label BITROT and SET festival.

Amir B. Ash is a freelance new media artist/indie experimental filmmaker with over 10 years of professional experience. Having a filmmaking and animation background and his love for music motivated him to start experimenting with live visuals and lights in late 2007. Since then he has been collaborating with musicians such as Siavash Amini, Idlefon, Umchunga and Temp-Illusion live on stage. In late 2009 he co-founded a Design and Technology studio called CODON Interactive media with three of his fellow artists as a collective in which he works as visual artist and art director, focusing on a variety of projects such as Real-Time Simulations, Interactive Light Sculptures and Installations on an international scale.

Photo credit: Aslan Mohammad