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Ida Toninato & Pierre-Luc LecoursCA/QC

Ida Toninato & Pierre-Luc Lecours<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Ida Toninato & Pierre-Luc Lecours

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Having earned her doctorate at Université de Montréal, saxophonist and composer Ida Toninato (she/her) continues to hone her artistic practice through a combination of experimental and acoustic explorations, the use of resonating spaces and the creation of hybrid soundscapes. Having released two solo albums (one of which was composed entirely in a gigantic water tank) as well as a JUNO and Opus-nominated collaborative album with violist Jennifer Thiessen, she also collaborated in such diverse fields as cinema, ambiant and contemporary music. Toninato’s research into sound vibrations earned her residencies in Brazil and Europe, and her performances have been received all over the world.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in digital music and a master’s in composition from Université de Montréal, composer and multidisciplinary artist Pierre-Luc Lecours (he/him) conveys his art across multiple mediums and aesthetics. Taking cues from heterogeneous sources, from contemporary acoustic music to experimental electronica, his pieces shatter modern musical conventions and explore new forms of audiovisual expression. Lecours’ work has been presented and praised at numerous events, both local and international.


Saxophonist and composer Ida Toninato, alongside composer and multidisciplinary artist Pierre-Luc Lecours, both based in Montréal.


Ambiances Magnétiques, Dragon's Eye, Kolhenstoff Records, Empreintes DIGITALes,


Ida Toninato: We Become Giants (2020), The Space Between Us (2017), Strangeness Is Gratitude (2016)
Pierre-Luc Lecours: Éclats (2021), Suspension (2020), Fragments (2020)


Presented at this year’s MUTEK, this first collaboration between Toninato and Lecours is the product of their summer residency at Québec’s artist-run Avatar centre.