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Carol SantanaBR

Carol Santana<sup>BR</sup>
Carol Santana

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Carol Santana is a Visual Multimedia Artist, from Rio de Janeiro, specialized in Digital Content Creation, VideoMapping, VJing and Urban Interventions with Large-Scale Projection.

From Environmental Engineering to Communication Graduation and Master's study in Entertainment Design at the European Institute of Design, she connects to different cultures and artistic strands, her research being based on urban art, the appreciation of nature and ancestry culture.

At I-Bit Mapping, together with artists and biologists, she immersed herself in the nature of Ibitipoca (MG) with Videomapping interventions in caves, stone walls, large stretches of sand and in the giant iron sculptures located inside the Reserve.
The artist had already projected on historic places in Rio de Janeiro such as the MAR Museum, Arcos da Lapa, Museum of Tomorrow and at the Santo Amaro community for a worldwide project of the Converse brand - Converse City Forests Project - working on perspectives of environmental awareness and representativeness .

The artist is also part of Multimanas, a VJS women's collective.