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Husa & ZeyadaCA+EG

Husa & Zeyada<sup>CA+EG</sup>
Husa & Zeyada

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Husa & Zeyada is both an Egyptian-Canadian audiovisual project and an electronic band, whose work can best be described as a fusion between Zeyada’s synth- and electric guitar-infused Bedroom pop and Montréal DJ/producer Adam Husa’s mystical Deep House, the latter also known for having released music on Sol Selectas, Seven Villas, Magician On Duty and his own label Husa Sounds. Together, Husa & Zeyada shifted toward a sultry, enigmatic, electronic Indie Rock draped in English and Arabic lyrics. The pair, who met just before the onset of the pandemic, settled in Dahab, South Sinai, and released a number of tracks and videos showcasing their artistic vision and execution skills. Their innovative approach to music production and their ability to flawlessly mix a wide range of electronic sounds have given birth to numerous remixes by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Mustafa Ismaeel, Madmotormiquel and Artphormque. The duo released their debut album, Long Way Home, in 2022, conceived after a single week of jam sessions and explorations and grouping together several of the previously-released singles.


Husa & Zeyada is a duo composed of Egyptian musician, singer, filmmaker and visual artist Zeyada, alongside Montréal producer and DJ Husa.


Buena Musica, IAmHer Records, Supernature


Love Is Coming Back w/ Hernan Cattaneo (Buena Musica, 2023)

Long Way Home Remixes Part. 1 (IAmHer Records, 2023)

Everybody EP (Supernature, 2022)

Long Way Home (IAmHer Records, 2022)


Several of the tracks found on Long Way Home are accompanied by short animated videos created by Amr Qenawy and featuring peculiar creatures allegedly inhabiting our minds, brought forth from the subconscious and shaped by pressures and desires.