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Heather Lander<sup>UK</sup>
Heather Lander

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Heather Lander is a visual artist who creates immersive sonic light sculptures. Born in Portland, Maine, Lander is based in Glasgow, where she graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Drawing and Painting and a Master of Fine Art with distinction. Recipient of the Bram Stoker Prize, her work questions how humans in a technological age continue to respond to reality. Lander investigates, in collaboration with musicians, how we perceive reality in a world centred around illusionistic systems.

Lander’s research and practice explore time, light and, most recently, sound, with a focus on magic, the virtual and the ways technology can—and does—affect our interpretation of reality. In 2017, Lander joined the Cryptic artists roster. She has presented her work at Glasgow International, The Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh Art Festival, Findhorn Bay Arts Festival, Dumfries Music Conference, Sensoria Festival, and Sonica Glasgow and London.