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Carola ZelaschiAR

Carola Zelaschi<sup>AR</sup>
Carola Zelaschi

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Composer, arranger, producer and drummer born in the City of Buenos Aires. She graduated from the School of Contemporary Music. During 2012 she studied in New York with Miles Okazaki, Marc Mommas, Tom Dempsey and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers). She received private drum lessons with Sergio Verdinelli. She also took composition classes with Juan Pablo Arredondo and Fernando Tarrés.

She currently receives arrangement, viola and composition classes with teacher Alejandro Terán from 2017 to the present. She studied singing with Nina Polverino and with Barbara Togander delving into improvisation. She attended the free improvisation ensembles of Rodrigo Domínguez, Juan Pablo Arredondo and Teodoro Cromberg. In 2015 she won a group training scholarship from the National Endowment for the Arts with the White Trees group (music and dance), specializing in improvisation with Ernesto Jodos and Matthieu Perpoint. She graduated from the Composition Workshop taught by maestro Ricardo Capellano at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory. She attended the National University of the Arts where she studied percussion and musical composition. She founded Blanco Teta, an avant-garde experimental punk noise band that continues to this day, releasing two albums. She resided and composed in the Naama Tsabar exhibition presented at the Faena Center in 2018.

In 2019 she was selected to travel to Germany to participate in the Gonzervatory, a musical residency directed by Chilly Gonzales himself along with Nils Frahm, Feist and Peaches. In 2021 she participated as an orchestral arranger and drummer for "Autoras Argentinas" convened by the Kirchner Cultural Center as part of the Working Women's Day. Today, she works as a session drummer for Lucy Patane, Kaleema, and other artists on the local scene. She is the director of PANAL, a multidisciplinary work where she composed, produced and arranged all the music for an ensemble of thirteen musicians. She composes for theater and dance works in renowned institutions in Buenos Aires. She is currently finalizing a new electronic music project where she will present her anti-hero alter ego called Carolo. In turn, due to her attendance at the Art OMI (New York) and SomarRumor (Brazil) residencies, she is presenting a new work called “Occipital Electrical Discharges”. She seeks to unite the organic ensemble with noise and sound design inspired by a neurological pathology that she had in her childhood.