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Fronte Violeta<sup>BR</sup>
Fronte Violeta

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FRONTE VIOLETA is a duo from São Paulo formed by multidisciplinary artist Anelena Toku and musician and sound artist Carla Boregas. Since 2015, they have developed an experimental investigation of sound in relation to other senses and languages, permeated by a continuous interest in restoring and awakening sensitivity from a dialogue with the natural world.

Creating through different mediums, the duo produces immersive and multisensory works where they combine experimental electronic and electroacoustic music with other practices such as video, performance, installation, site-specific works and sound dramaturgy.

Among their works are the site-specific sound installation "What Is Not" commissioned by CTM Festival and Deustchlandfunk Kultur radio, the audiovisual piece "Lapso", the sound performance based on an ephemeral score-installation "Floral Notation", the sound dramaturgy for the show "Revolta Lilith", "Cri", a sound piece for synthesizers, crickets and birds, the performance for FACT magazine filmed in central São Paulo and the site-specific work for sauna "Castanho", made during an artistic residency at Silo - Art and Rural Latitude.

One of their most recent works, "CLARÃO", composed of an audiovisual piece and custom-made incense, was commissioned by the New Frequencies Festival. Their latest album "Flame" was released in 2018 on the Japanese label Depth of Decay.