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Cosmic JDCO/CA

Cosmic JD<sup>CO/CA</sup>
Cosmic JD

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A key presence within Toronto’s underground community, Cosmic JD has been furthering the local scene from both sides of the booth as both performer and promoter. The Colombian native’s Hypnotic Mindscapes collective curates intimate gatherings with advanced house and techno, often offering a forward-thinking program featuring first-time Toronto or Canada performances for international artists. The collective also releases musical works with unique blends of styles somewhere there in the spectrum of techno, house, electro and beyond, through which the Hypnotic Mindscapes crew has become a Toronto staple when it comes to all things unconventional. When playing records or performing all-hardware live sets, a fastidious attention to detail and selection has shone a spotlight on Cosmic JD’s sets and made him a frequenter amongst cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Montréal, Toronto, and more. On the production side of things, JD’s work has gone on to release via various labels including Seekers, Subsequent, Mercure, Varme, and most recently, Japanese imprint Amidst. Evidently a talent behind the decks, in the studio, and behind the scenes, JD is an artist of many mediums, and one to keep an eye on.


Toronto-based, Colombian-born artist, Cosmic JD; founder of renowned local label Hypnotic Mindscapes.


Amidst, Varme, Seekers, Mercure, Subsequent, Variable Records, Mode of Expression


Amidst EP (Amidst, 2021)
Plant Algebra (Varme, 2021)


Cosmic JD’s label, Hypnotic Mindscapes, aims to creatively empower community artists who otherwise would not have many opportunities to share their music, let alone through specific mediums such as vinyl.