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François QuévillonCA/QC

François Quévillon<sup>CA/QC</sup>
François Quévillon

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Based in Montréal, François Quévillon is a multidisciplinary artist whose art blends installations, sound, images and technologies. His work explores phenomena of the world and of perception through the implementation of processes sensitive to changing environmental conditions as well as human interference. His artistic practice addresses ecological concerns stemming from society and technology, as well as the way technologies redefine our cognitive processes, our environment and our relationship with space, time and each other.

Active for over two decades, Quévillon has been featured around the world at exhibitions and events connected with contemporary art, new cinema and digital design, namely Connecting the Dots (Mexico), Sundance (Park City), Sous Observation/Spaces Under Scrutiny (New York), various editions of the International Symposium on Electronic Art (Gwangju, Dubai et Albuquerque), the Festival Internacional da Linguagem Eletrônica (Sao Paulo), IndieBo (Bogota), LOOP Barcelona, Contemporary Istanbul, Mirage Festival (Lyon), Mois Multi (Québec), MUTEK and many others.


Based in Montréal, multidisciplinary artist François Quévillon creates structures with ever-changing parameters, inciting contemplation or mirroring a tangible chaos from which the elusive emerges.


Frequently involved with artist-run centres and research groups, the artist is currently finalizing a residency at Est-Nord-Est, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (Québec).


Quévillon explores the relationships between algorithms and images (via photogrammetry, computer vision and data analysis and visualization) through a lens that is both critical and poetic.