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Ké MedleyCA/QC

Ké Medley<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Ké Medley

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Ké Medley is a Canadian artist completing a master’s degree at NAD-UQAC University in Montréal. In his work, Medley playfully tinkers with novel assemblages of various media objects, creating unique mediatic experiences. Interactivity often takes center-stage in his art, evoking a desire to implicate others in the artistic process – to bring people and art closer together. Often fueled by nostalgia, Medley approaches the materiality of media objects as a way to preserve and interact with the past – both in terms of personal and mediatic history. While still very interested in the technical components of media objects, Medley is particularly intrigued by their personal significance – what TV, video games, movies, technology and other media mean to us on a more personal or cultural level.