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Electricity is a means of transformation for EXPANSYS, bending raw samples into an energized analog-only world. As electronic artists Sleeprunner and Gazebo improvise a melodious and hypnotically rhythmic sound space on modular synthesizers, Georgi Patchouli bewitches liquids, light sources and electric currents to generate a fluid visual universe.

The original EXPANSYS architect, Georges-Étienne Tremblay dares to mix liquids with electronics as Georgi Patchouli, creating breathtaking visuals from a combination of old televisions, a modular video synthesizer and organic light shows. Under the name Sleeprunner, solo and as the “sound specialist” for EXPANSYS, Guillaume Sauvé crafts fuzzed-out melodic dub and textured walls of sound on modular synth and sequencers. As Gazebo, Gabriel R. Drapeau places the modular synthesizer and perpetually customizable Monome electronic instrument at the heart of his music making and is involved in sound and image work in the Bas Saint-Laurent region, where he's exhibited his interactive multimedia project Le Havre, composed of analog-altered images and sounds expanding on the area's natural environment.

EXPANSYS recently performed at the NumériCulture festival and at various Montréal underground events, including improvised multi-sensory experiences at Ausgang Plaza and Le Ministère. EXPANSYS performs a new live set at MUTEK's opening Nocturne, easing listeners into the festival's buoyant late-night vibes.


Nocturnaline live (2019), Sleeprunner : Inorganica (2018)


Gabriel R. Drapeau and Guillaume Sauvé are the co-founders of Montréal electronic instrument shop TechnoSynth