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DJ Hermano & OJPB<sup>BR/QC+CA/QC</sup>
DJ Hermano & OJPB

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DJ Hermano, originally from Brazil and now based in Montréal, is the innovative force behind Íntimas, a traveling queer party celebrated for its vibrant dialogue within the community. His eclectic selections, deeply influenced by Brazilian sounds from the 80s and 90s, bridge eras and genres, infusing contemporary electronic beats with timeless rhythms. Renowned across continents for his dynamic performances at major festivals and clubs, DJ Hermano champions body music that defies simple categorization, promoting individuality and self-expression through his unique musical and visual storytelling.
Olivier Borzeix, known as OJPB (and formerly Bowly), merges a range of influences in his dynamic sound. He has navigated through classical, metal, and free jazz. OJPB stands out with his seamless blend of deep house and bass music, often layering ethereal grooves with swing-heavy percussion—his modern twist on classic UK styles. His recent works on labels like Lazy Days and Boogie Café reflect a refined deep house sound with a hint of disco. OJPB's diverse musicality and dedication are evident in every performance, making him a staple in Montréal’s music landscape.
Rico, also known as MMMMRICO, is a Colombian-born, multidisciplinary artist thriving in Montréal's vibrant underground. Drawing from their Latinx roots and Nordic influences, Rico creates a unique blend of Caribbean rhythms like Dembow, Guaracha, and Champeta with pulsating Techno, Breakbeats, and Hardcore. Their experimental Global Bass sound emerged during their transformative time in Barcelona, where they connected with influences like Arca. As a DJ, designer, and vocalist, Rico crafts an eclectic sound that reflects their diverse artistic and cultural experiences.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


DJ Hermano & OJPB BR/QC+CA/QCClub Merengue
Live | World Premiere

Step into Club Merengue, where DJ Hermano (Brazil) and OJPB (Canada) fuse electronic merengue with diverse electronic music styles through live synths, drum machines, and spirited percussion. Featuring Rico (Colombia), the performance reverberates with homage to merengue divas, encapsulating their legendary voices within modern beats. This vibrant, neon-lit experience embodies celebration, transforming every pulse into a dance of lights and joy.


DJ Hermano & OJPB are two Montréal-based artists with Brazilian and French roots respectively.


DJ Hermano
Club Merengue (2023)
Discoloca Maracaibo (2022)
E​-​Lane 2 Troy (2016)