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Colin StetsonUS/CA

Colin Stetson<sup>US/CA</sup>
Colin Stetson

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Credit : Daniele Maldarizzi

Colin Stetson, a virtuoso saxophonist, has reshaped the boundaries of jazz and experimental music with his command of the saxophone, spanning bass to soprano varieties. His profound musicality unfolds through a relentless exploration of his instruments, merging raw physical prowess—a nod to his past as a wrestler—with intricate sonic textures. This fusion crafts a unique auditory experience that captivates and challenges his audience.
Based in Montreal since 2010, Stetson has carved out a distinct niche in the music world, characterized by an innovative approach and daring performances. His creative process involves intense, circular breathing techniques and the use of microphones placed throughout his saxophone, capturing every breath and key press to create a multi-dimensional sound field. His inspirations range from the hardcore punk intensity of Fugazi to the pioneering alternative rock of Pixies, all of which inform his complex soundscapes.
His solo work, especially the acclaimed New History Warfare series, showcases his ability to tell profound stories through his instruments, making him a defining figure in contemporary music.

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Montréal 2024


Colin Stetson US/CA

Colin Stetson, renowned for his intense saxophone performances and distinctive soundscapes, melds physical prowess with deep musical exploration. His performance at MUTEK Montréal promises a profound immersion into his singular sonic world, shaped by influences ranging from hardcore punk to classical symphonies. Expect an evocative journey through Stetson's innovative techniques and bold, emotive expressions that redefine the saxophone's capabilities.


Colin Stetson is a multi-instrumentalist musician and composer from Michigan based in Montréal.


With experience, Colin Stetson perfected his circular breathing technique, enabling him to play continuously and superimpose several notes at once on his saxophone.