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Corina MacDonald is a Montréal-based music producer, DJ, and host of the radio program Modular Systems on the campus-community station CKUT 90.3 FM. She is also a member of the volunteer team that produces the female:pressure FACTS survey of gender representation in electronic music festival lineups worldwide.

As CMD, her DJ sets and live performances fuse synth-laden aesthetics of techno, electro, and house music. Through her explorations with synthesizers, samplers, software, and other electronics, she is continually shaping her production and performance practices with the aim of creating immersive experiences for the headphones and the dancefloor.

CMD has released ten EPs to date that reflect a range of musical influences and preoccupations. Her most recent endeavours include Social Factory Reset (Fixed Rhythms, 2021) and Precarious Pursuit (2021), as well as contributions to compilations raising funds for MSF in Ukraine, and the Montréal organization Solidarity Across Borders.



Montréal-based DJ and producer Corina MacDonald, also known as Cyan


Fixed Rhythms, Jacktone, Perfect Location, Low Noise Productions, basic_sounds, Fur Trade Recordings


MacDonald has been hosting CKUT’s Modular Systems—a weekly radio rendez-vous chronicling the local electronic music scene, for nearly 15 years.