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Call Super

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While firmly ensconced at the adventurous and cerebral edge of techno, Joseph Richmond-Seaton nimbly navigates between genres and eras by way of an impressive body of playful and personal work released under his Call Super, Ondo Fudd and Elmo Crumb monikers. Long drawn to house and techno as unmarked frameworks full of exciting possibilities, this lightning conductor of offbeat ideas expertly tears down and reassembles tattered frequencies, amorphous melodies, evocative jazz-enhanced motifs and psychedelic synth flourishes.

Hailing from a long lineage of leftist artists—his grandfather set up an arts school in fascist-era Spain, while his dad is a jazz musician and fine arts professor—Seaton was always immersed in creative pursuits. Often hospital-ridden to manage childhood bouts of asthma, Seaton would fill his hours with drawing, painting, reading and, eventually, piano and guitar playing. His formative rave experiences at age 13 and onwards exposed him to the turntable wizardry of Laurent Garnier and Jeff Mills, but it’s only upon relocating to Berlin in 2009 that he professionalized those sonic sympathies. After putting out a slew of EPs starting in 2011 (including the inaugural release on Fabric’s in-house label, Houndstooth), the producer and DJ put out two standout LPs, widely lauded for their uniquely inventive, heady and poignant sound worlds: his debut album Suzi Ecto (2014) and sophomore Arpo (2017).

Those who’ve enjoyed his carefully curated mixes for FACT, Dekmantel or his monthly Berlin Community Radio program know that Seaton displays remarkable musical breadth. He rejects the role of DJ as dictator-of-vision or gear fetishizer, preferring a crate-digging approach where he remains sensitive to the circumstances of the night. MUTEK’s all-night Nocturne is undoubtedly in good hands with Seaton.


Houndstooth Label, Hessle Audio, Dekmantel, The Trilogy Tapes


Arpo (2017), Suzi Ecto (2014)


Vogue recently called Seaton “the Jarvis Cocker of Techno.”