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Baron LanteigneCA/QC

Baron Lanteigne<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Baron Lanteigne

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Baron Lanteigne is a Québec-based artist who tackles new media. His approach mixes light and sound, creating bridges between the real and virtual worlds through technological advances. He combines different practices such as electronics, sculpture, video and sound to create a homogeneous universe. He is inspired by still life and inanimate objects, and plays with framing, lighting and presentation to add symbolic value.

The essence of Baron Lanteigne’s work comes from his infiltration of various cyber-communities and virtual collaborations. This web-based practice is reflected internationally through his participation in numerous digital art events: the wrong Biennale,, Mapping FestivalCH, Mirage FestivalFR, Vector FestivalCA, Dutch Design WeekNL, Sónar+DES, MUTEK.JP, Gwangju Media Art PlatformKR, ElectrofringeAU, CPH:DOXDK as well as at the Musée Ludwig de BudapestHU


Baron Lanteigne lives and works in the city of Québec, Canada. He explores our relationship with technology and its infrastructure through installations of modified screens opening onto virtual worlds.


2022 - nature morte 7 - installation
2021 - L’ordinateur - digital installation
2020 - Augmented protective pouch - multidisciplinary art project
2020 - Tangible data
2020 - Framed Scrolling