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The Mole<sup>CA</sup>
The Mole

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Freshly returned to his native British Columbia after more than 20 years in Berlin, Germany, Colin de la Plante aka The Mole’s catalog of fired-up, oddball disco cuts have been ambushing unsuspecting audiences for the past two decades. Rather than completely shift groove gears with every new release, this prolific musician has made timelessly funky, left-of-centre electronic loops his winning trademark.
After a solid decade in Montréal that saw him perform legendary live sets (his 2004 MUTEK set being a career highlight, singled out by The Village Voice) and hold down a seven-year residency at the mythical, recently shuttered Main staple Laïka, this laid-back purveyor of kaleidoscopic tech-house collages patched into the German capital in 2007. De la Plante, a longtime member of the now-defunct Wagon Repair stable, also contributes to the free-ranging Modern Deep Left Quartet alongside fellow countrymen Mathew Jonson, Danuel Tate and Tyger Dhula. Over the years, De La Plante has released countless soulful edits and infectiously perky patchworks on labels such as Kompakt and Ostgut Ton. Since releasing his debut album As High as the Sky (2008), The Mole has collaborated with Mathew Jonson and Hreno as Units and Measurements, as well as launching his own label venture Maybe Tomorrow (yes, a Littlest Hobo reference).


Canadian producer and musician Colin de la Plante aka The Mole.


Maybe Tomorrow Records, Wagon Repair, Serialism Records, Sound Of Vast, Circus Company


The River Widens (Circus Company, 2023)

Secret Mummy (2020)


On rare occasions, The Mole has brought out his so-called “starchy root machine”: five turntables simultaneously playing hand-made loops that he manipulates in real-time. The result is a psychedelic blend of overlapping locked grooves.