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Alisú & André BaraditCL

Alisú & André Baradit<sup>CL</sup>
Alisú & André Baradit

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Alisú is the electronic project of Chilean producer and graphic designer Jessica Campos de la Paz. Alisú started her career in 1998 by performing live sets of dub, techno, IDM and experimental sounds, not only as Alisú but also in the project Manziping with Rodrigo Rivera and Antonio Díaz, performing at many South American festivals.

With more than 20 years of career, she has been working to set the scene from the V Region in Valparaiso, Chile, with various projects, owner of the label, Modismo. She's also the co-founder of WIP (Woman in Power) a multidisciplinary artistic collective of women creating from art and electronic music in Chile.