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Alex CzetwertynskiUS

Alex Czetwertynski<sup>US</sup>
Alex CzetwertynskiUS

Alex Czetwertynski Vesica Pisces

‘Vesica Pisces’ is an XR film made using a "virtual production" pipeline. It combines an LED stage backdrop, in camera augmented reality and projection mapping. The film was built around the 2021 collection of fashion collective threeASFOUR, who's work often explores universal symbols. In this case, Vesica Pisces is the "womb of the universe", represented in sacred geometry as the Dyad, and the creative power of duality.

4 performers, choreographed by Jonah Bokaer, explore an abstract narrative from initial formation to final disintegration. With a score from Brian Close of Georgia Studio, the film uses a budding technology to push a non-narrative, a film that could be played forward and backward.