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Aïsha Devi + }§{CH+FR/UK

Aïsha Devi + }§{<sup>CH+FR/UK</sup>
Aïsha Devi + }§{

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Credit: Cristian Andersson

Aïsha Devi, a Swiss artist of Nepali origin, intricately blends a variety of musical genres to create bold and captivating works. Her music merges techno pulsations and bursts of rave with elements of trance and experimental pop. By incorporating vocal techniques ranging from celestial singing to guttural cries, she enriches each composition with deep, mystical sonic textures. Her creative process, influenced by a pluralistic identity, drives her to reshape and subvert pop culture norms. This manifests not only in her mixes for renowned platforms such as Resident Advisor and BBC Radio, but also in her approach to music production, where she intertwines meditation and spiritual practices, exploring the therapeutic effects of sound.
Devi's discography, including albums like DNA Feelings and Death is Home, showcases an artist constantly seeking personal expression while remaining deeply rooted in collective efforts. Her interdisciplinary collaborations with visual artists, such as Tianzhuo Chen and the Asian Dope Boys, enrich her performances, giving them a 3D dimension as powerful as her music. With Death is Home, Devi achieves remarkable artistic maturity, combining minimalist soundscapes and philosophical approaches. The album's intricate sound design and thematic depth invite listeners into a contemplative experience, solidifying Aïsha Devi's stature as a pioneering figure in the electronic music landscape.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Aïsha Devi + }§{ CH+FR/UK Les Immortelles

Live | Canadian Premiere

Aïsha Devi's performance at MUTEK Montréal is a multidimensional odyssey, inspired by her latest album, Death is Home. This journey symbolizes rebirth, elevating audiences from profound depths to a supernatural transcendence. Her distinctive use of spatial soundscapes and immersive visuals redefines the listening experience, reflecting her unique creative process.


Aïsha Devi is a Swiss musician and producer with Nepali Indigenous heritage.




Aïsha Devi has been invited by British-Irish composer Aphex Twin to open for him in New York in 2019.