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Zandoli II & The WasafiriCA/QC

Zandoli II & The Wasafiri<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Zandoli II & The Wasafiri

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Muldisciplinary artists, DJs and producers ZANDOLI II are no strangers to all sides of the art world - Tonton Osman is a producer as well as a DJ, and G L O W Z I has a storied history as a graphic designer, DJ and singer. Since their inception in 2018, they've brought an exuberant energy to Montréal clubs such as Datcha and Café Résonance, searing dancefloors with percussive afrofuturistic edits and broadcasting diasporic Afro-house across networks such as Toronto's ISO Radio and Montréal's

MUTEK 2020 finds the Montréal duo elevating their eclectic Haitian-West African sonorities and vibrant visuals to new heights while collaborating with THE WASAFIRI. In Mirroring Shadows, Tonton Osman and G L O W Z I incorporate live performers and videography into bringing their Afro-futuristic electro soundscapes to life.

Developed from their sensorial memories, the live production will reflect a chronological timeline of the artists' sonic explorations, tracking the generational flow of how past & future sonic environments connect through their ancestral movements from the African and Caribbean territories into Western cultural spaces of North America. Shadowy, vibrant videography by DeWolf Stein explores movements from physical bodies of the artists, projecting them from stage to screen, tracked by a mind-bending auditory synthesis of Afro-Caribbean sonic districts.


DJ-duo from Montréal including multidisciplinary artist DJ G L O W Z I and producer/DJ Tonton Osman, and backing band WASAFIRI, including Chudyanna Bazile, Elli Miller Maboungou and KATONIO. Videography by DeWolf Stein.


ZANDOLI II - III EP (Self released, 2020)


ZANDOLI II & THE WASAFIRI's performance explores what their Afro-Caribbean ancestral landscape looks like, and how the past permutates and transforms into their present sound.