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Vitaminsforyou is the brainchild of neo-Montrealer Bryce Kushnier. Originally from Winnipeg, where he got his feet wet on the Sfeericle label, he has just released his first album on the Montreal-based label Intr_version. Despite the healthful connotation of his name, the project appears more like a cocktail of narcotic-laced lullabies that reveal the melancholic history of the author while administering an effective double-dose of indie pop and electronica. Kushnier doesn't hesitate to manhandle his sound sources, nor does he waver in adding vocals to his juxtapositions of piano and field recordings, or guitars and sweeping, synthesized tones. Repetitive without being monotonous, evolutionary without losing its way, the compositions of vitaminsforyou will seduce fans of Slowdive as well as those of Boards of Canada.