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Sense Club

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A veritable meeting at the summit? Sense Club is a collaborative project between two figures very recognizable to audiences who've followed MUTEK in Montreal, as well as its permutations in Latin America. First off, Ricardo Villalobos: an artist that no longer needs introduction since becoming one of the most in-demand producers on the international scene. His partner at the top, Lucien Nicolet (or simply Luciano to those who know him), was initiated very young to electronic sound by Villalobos. A DJ, producer, and promoter who actively contributed to the developments of the Chilean scene throughout the later half of the 1990's, Luciano has since spent time living in Geneva, and more recently in Berlin. The trajectories of this lengthy friendship have converged on many instances, but they are rarely in sync long enough to compose or perform together. Renowned for their propensity for extended, flowing presentations, they'll be delivering a performance for MUTEK encapsulating the essence of their influences: an intimate and sensual mixture of rhythm and samples bridging together musically inspiring locales (Detroit) and their scattered cultural origins.


Perlon, Playhouse, Cadenza Records