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Sad Mac Studies

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'I think we share a tendency towards a kind of musical beauty that most people seem to be afraid of in the name of 'new' ...'[steve roden in an email exchange] Stephan Mathieu, based in Saarbruecken, Germany, has worked worldwide as an improvisational drummer, notably with German group Stol. Over the last few years his work has focused on the digital processing of acoustic events. He describes his process as 'extracting sounds from homeopathic vibrations of their source.' He dissects analog material, memorizing the essence of the past and its imprints and infinitely recreating them; time passes without ever really disappearing. He has recorded a number of tracks on prestigious labels: Ritornell, Orthlong Musork and, most recently, Fällt and ON/OFF. Stephan Mathieu will deliver two aspects of his work at MUTEK. The first, at Ex Centris, will highlight his work in synthesis and appropriation, with live visuals played using a patch developed by Berlin graphic designer alorenz (